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RGB Illumilok® Pixel Dance Floor Hire - Largest Supplier

RGB Colour changing starlit dance floors   

Starlit Illumilok RGB Pixel Dance Floors

The RGB Pixel Illumilok® dance floor has been designed to wow your guests with the use of clever computer software and extra uniform L.E.D lights.

The RGB Illumilok® Pixel Starlit dance floor can project images and videos on floors 18ft x 18ft or larger.

The use of intelligent micro-chipped dance floor panels and colour changing L.E.D lights allows the floor to act as a pixelated video floor.

The starlit dance floors were our most popular dance floors hired in 2012. We believe that the RGB Pixel Illumilok® dance floor will soon become the most wanted dance floor on the market. These dance floors are limited at present and we are one of the few if not the only company offering such a fabulous dance floor.

The RGB Pixelated Illumilok® dance floor is a great in-between floor from a starlit twinkling LED dance floor and a Video dance floor.

Starlit Dance Floor Hire

black pixel RGB starlit   black pixel RGB starlit

RGB Illumilok® Illuminated Dance Floor Information

Full UK back up and support

Manufactured in The United Kingdom

32768 colour variations.

Illumilok® can be incorporated with other UK Events floors such as Publok.

At a height of only 28mm off the floor using sloped edging there are no trip or H&S issues!

Quick and easy assembly using the tool free brickwork pattern.

Screen capture possibilities(Madrix)

Company logos and names can be copied and projected on to the floor

Messages and animations can be projected.

Limitless self-programmed image and patterns.

Self addressing ColourSmart® Technology.

DMX compatible.

Full individual control of each Pixel including dimming.

Power supply: drawing 110v(8A max) - 230v(4A max).

ESLV compliant - 20’x20’ floor: 8.5A at 58v peak/24’x24’ floor: 16A at 58v peak